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This Teen Couple Live-Streamed A Cop Shootout Before Committing Suicide

Denis Katya Cop Shootout


Two Russian teenagers live-streamed a shootout between them and police before documenting their suicide on Periscope, the Daily Mail reports. The couple, named Denis and Katya, were 15 years old and can be seen laughing and joking with each other during the horrifying videos. In one clip, Denis is seen pointing a gun out of a window in Russia’s Pskov region, shooting at a police vehicle.

According to reports, things started when Denis got into an argument with his parents. In response, he hid out in an empty house with his girlfriend and their extensive weapon collection. Beforehand Denis had reportedly shot Katya’s mother in the leg. Throughout the video, they can be heard saying “Russians don’t surrender,” while Denis adds, “If we don’t surrender, we die. But if we surrender, we will never see each other again.”

During the incident, Denis posted on Instagram and the Russian social media website VK. “I loved you, but you do not notice how you destroyed my mind and life,” the post read before the account was deactivated. “Goodbye all, friends and family, and acquaintances. Do not worry, I will go out in style. Good luck to all in your life and please do not be afraid to live as you want or you see fit. Life is for fun – this is the best life. I love you.”

The live stream lasted hours and at one point, the couple answered questions from viewers on social media. A motive remains unclear, but it has been reported that the two fought with their parents several days prior.

Authorities eventually raided the house and used stun grenades before entering a room where they found the teenagers’ dead bodies. Police believe that Denis shot Katya before killing himself on Periscope.

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