Kristin Cavallari Is Being Bullied Online Because Of Her Husband

Everyone has an opinion about Laguna Beach‘s drama-filled Kristin Cavallari, but as an adult, she’s remained pretty tame. But now the former reality star is being bullied on Twitter over her husband Jay Cutler and she’s not having it.

For those who steer clear of the NFL (cough…me…cough), Jay Cutler is the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and according to people who love football, he really f*cked up when his team played against the Minnesota Vikings this past weekend. And apparently the weekend before and the weekend before.

Things started with a simple tweet posted on Halloween that read “Can everyone shut up now?”

Since then she’s gone silent, but people are still commenting back to the tweet about her husband’s performance. As you can probably assume, the responses are pretty awful.

Needless to say, Twitter is harsh AF. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Cavallari has experienced hate online. Earlier this year she was under fire for an Instagram photo of her kids, in which commenters claimed they looked like she was starving them.

“I deal with bullying on a daily basis from social media,” Cavallari told People in a recent interview. “Literally, people always say stuff to me on Instagram.”

As if that wasn’t annoying, now people are going after her because of her husband?! What does she have to do with him being a sh*tty football player? She’s not training him, she’s just standing by her man.

My final thoughts, in the words of Kristin Cavallari:

Kristin Cavallari

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