A Tourist Was Gang-Raped In Dubai & Then Arrested For Having Sex Outside Of Marriage

A 25-year-old woman on vacation in Dubai was raped by two British men, but she was the one arrested… for having sex outside of marriage. The victim was charged with “extramarital sex” after reporting the attack to the police, according to The Independent. Though she approached local police looking for help and protection as a victim, she’s being treated like a criminal.

In Sharia law, it’s forbidden to have sex outside of wedlock. If she’s found guilty, she could be punished with jail time, flogging, or being stoned to death.

The woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, claims she was taken back to a hotel by the two men, whom she met for a drink, when they took turns raping her. The assault was allegedly filmed. Police in Dubai are holding onto her passport until her lawyer can sort things out.

She has been released on bail and is staying with a British family in the United Arab Emirates, but can’t leave the country until authorities return her passport and until she pays the thousands of dollars that she now owes in legal fees.

The victim’s mother, who lives in England, said that the family knows the two attackers and reported the incident to British police. The UK Foreign Office told the parents that they are aware of the case, but they feel that not enough is being done to help their daughter.

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