This Footage Of Disney Stars Drawing Mouse Ears With Their Wands For Ads Was Worth The Wait

What kid doesn’t remember the “You’re watching Disney Channel” commercials? They were on constantly reminding us that we were addicted to Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven, and the stars of such shows were happy to help.


Now, by the grace of heaven, behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite Disney kids drawing those famous mouse ears with a wand over and over (and over again) has hit the internet. Just one question: why did it take so dang long?!

Let’s just say that aside from very strange movements that don’t even remotely resemble mouse ears, some of the stars were not fans of repeating the same line and doing the same motion repeatedly. And it’s so, so, so hilarious.

Throwback Thursday came early, people, but this reveal was years and years in the making. Enjoy.

Hilary Duff (Lizzie from Lizzie McGuire)

Raven-Symone (Raven from That’s So Raven)

Steven Anthony Lawrence (Beans on Even Stevens)

Tia and Tamara (from Sister, Sister)

Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea from That’s So Raven)

America Ferrera (Yolanda from Gotta Kick It Up!)

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