Justin Bieber Placed A Social Media Ad Asking For Female Company In Prague

While the rest of the world was still reeling from the election last week, Justin Bieber was putting on a show at the O2 Arena Prague in Czech Republic. His Purpose World Tour is still making its way across Europe, and he had an interesting way of blowing off steam in the meantime: having six women sent to his hotel suite Saturday night.

According to the Daily Mail, an ad was posted on Facebook by a local modeling agency asked for eight girls to party with the Biebs at downtown Hemingway Bar after his show.

“Eight pretty girls for a dinner and party with Justin B in Prague. It is not paid. If you’re interested, message me quickly. I will let the chosen ones know the place and the time. You need to be there in one hour, behave well and speak English!” the ad read.

In the end, only six girls responded due to the short notice, and a video later shared on social media showed two of the girls drinking with Bieber and his friend.

[protected-iframe id=”2c5249f4f3c0c17ac8c27bc4bb8649d6-860993-79209639″ info=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1359103.html” width=”698″ height=”573″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=””]

Yeah… it sounds sketchy AF, but two of the girls are sticking up for his behavior, claiming that Bieber was just lonely and in need of company. We’d be more inclined to believe that explanation if “female” wasn’t involved here.

“You think that he chose the girls to enjoy the night with them, but he wanted to give someone else a pleasant experience. He talked to us as a normal person would,” Anna, a law student, wrote in a social media post. While she signed a confidentiality agreement that stated she was forbidden to talk about the evening, she insisted it “was not like people thought it was.”

Denisa, another girl Bieber spent the night with, also insisted that nothing weird happened between them and the singer.

“I am taken,” the blonde airport employee and part-time dancer wrote in a social media post. “I do not add people to my friends who I do not know. I do not work as an escort and I do not have sex for money! So please, save your and my time and do not message me with offers like this! Thank you!”

According to Czech media outlets, Bieber spent the night with at least one of the girls, although no one has admitted to sleeping with the star. Are we the only ones who think this is creepy? Sound off in the comments below.