Hundreds Of Baylor University Students Walked A Girl To Class After She Was Harassed By A Racist Student

A black female student at Baylor University was harassed by a male student last week while she was walking to class. According to a Twitter video of Natasha Nkhama recounting the incident, she was walking around campus when a guy “went out of his way” to shove her off the sidewalk, yelling “no n***ers allowed on the sidewalk.” A nearby student heard the confrontation and came to Nkhama’s defense. In response, the guy said, “Dude what? I’m just making America great again.”

“So if you voted for Donald Trump, I hope you understand what that means from someone else’s point of view,” she explained in the video below.

Once other students heard about the horrifying incident, a large portion of Baylor’s student body and faculty came to her defense with the hashtag #IWalkWithNatasha. The following day 300 students showed up to walk Nkhama to class.

In an emotional video, Nkhama thanked her fellow students for supporting her. “I just wanted to thank everyone for being here,” she said in an emotional video. “I want everyone who sees this to know that Baylor is a campus of love. And Baylor is a campus who watches out for each other. And that one person is not a reflection of us, they’re a reflection of themselves. We look out for each other out here. And I want everyone to just continue to not allow things like that on our campus… because not on our campus.”

Students then linked arms and walked her to class.

Baylor University responded to the incident in a statement saying that they were aware “of a student who was pushed and subjected to racially offensive language from another student” while on campus. The school then went on to condemn the behavior and said that it was “deeply disturbing.”

“We have connected with the student and are working with her to ensure she feels safe and supported by the Baylor community.”

[H/T: The Black Loop]

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