The 7 Types Of People You’ll See On Every College Campus

College is amazing, but it’s really the people that make it count. Aside from your friends, you’ll always remember the outrageously cliched and quirky students that made your campus experience one to remember. It’s hard to forget the people who lived in your dorm, went to your dining hall or who were always around during four of the most important years of your life.

Even on a small campus, each college still has a group of students that are so stereotypically college it hurts. Part of us cherishes their presence on campus because we know that college is the only place where you can find someone drinking beer out of a funnel in the same room as someone who fell asleep on a desk, while part of us grows a little tired of seeing these people at every spot on campus.

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Take a look at some of our favorite types of students.

1. The guy who can fall asleep ANYWHERE.

We know that a good night’s sleep and college students don’t mix, but some students take their exhaustion to the next level. Whether it’s in a chair, on a bench, or on the floor, these dedicated sleepers can be found napping all around campus.

2. The person hoarding food from the cafeteria.

College is expensive and most students don’t have the money to pay for a real meal… unless burnt toast and Ramen noodles count. More often than not, you’ll find someone sneaking fruit, cereal, or even cartons of milk into their bags to bring home. This writer’s former roommate was one of them.

3. The girl who is somehow always put together.

We know her and we love to hate her. There’s always that one girl in our way-too-early morning class who somehow defies the odds and manages to pull a Serena Van Der Woodsen and walk in with perfect hair, skillfully winged eyeliner and an adorable outfit. Tell us your secrets, morning class goddess.

4. The dumb but lovable guy on every floor.

As much as we want to hate the dumb jock on our dorm floor who still finds it funny to type in 80085 on a calculator, we can’t. More often than not, he’s actually a really nice and lovable guy who means well, despite the fact that he steals your food. Just think Joey from Friends.

5. The dramatic long distance couple.

Every freshman class has a well-meaning long distance couple that tries to make it work, despite the circumstances. The relationship ends more often than not, but we always root for them to make it… and hear them arguing in the hallway via Facetime.

6. The overachieving intern.

You know how it’s basically impossible to land an internship nowadays? Not for this person. No, this guy has been working at the New York Times and just landed a summer internship on Wall Street. At first, their success is motivational but often in time we’re forced to give in and accept our very different fates.

7. The party lover.

Whether it’s three in the afternoon or two in the morning, this person’s always ready and willing to go out in search of a good time. Despite having to occasionally help them back to their room, we still love them and their determination to have an awesome time. Besides, they always have the best stories to tell the next day.

No matter who you see around campus, we have one piece of advice: enjoy your college days while they last!

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