A Girl Live-Tweeted The Sushi Date From Hell Happening Next To Her

Sushi Wasabi


We’ve all been on lackluster dates. Sometimes they’re bad dates with a decent guy, but nothing can be worse than a decent date turned horrible by a Class-A d-bag.

A poor soul named Kelly was witness to one such date when she went out for sushi. Essentially, this guy felt he was too good for menus, chewed up the shell part of his edamame, and – naturally – is a DJ.

Kelly couldn’t stand to take this in alone, so she did what any person with an iPhone would in 2016 – she live-tweeted the entire event, including each and every cringe-worthy moment that would send most girls on a permanent trip to the “bathroom.”

Check it out…and see at what point you would have bounced.

Kelly updated that she woke up to 600 new followers.

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