Woman Creates Registry For White Men In Response To Proposed Muslim Registry

When the idea that Muslim immigrants would be forced to register in a national database came into conversation during a recent FOX News interview, there were a lot of opinions about it. Amongst cheers from the alt-left were those who were afraid that history was about to repeat itself. So in response, a Brooklyn woman named Candace Thompson decided to make a national registry for those who she believes really provide a viable threat to society: white men.

“Forget the nation of Islam, our most immediate threat to domestic security is and always has been white, straight men,” Thompson wrote in a heated Facebook post Thursday. “That is why I have decided to do my part as a Red Blooded Patriot by creating The White Male Registry. It is a simple google form complete with questions that will help identify just how much of a threat to American security any individual white male may pose to the general public.”

The registry, which is offered to white men or anyone who benefits from “white male privilege,” asks applicants if they have ever “made a derogatory comment about a marginalized group to another white male” or “interrupted a non-white male while they were speaking to tell them how they should think, feel, act or respond to a situation,” among other tongue-in-cheek questions.

Last week she had around 700 entries submitted, most of which came in the 24 hours since she posted the google document to Facebook. Today she announced that she currently had 5,500 registered white men.

“I’d say it’s about half and half as far as replies go,” she explained to Huffington Post. “A lot of genuine responses that are humble and honest, and then a lot of hateful ones.”

On Friday Thompson posted a separate update, thanking those who have registered while simultaneously letting them know that she personally registered Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions.

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[H/T: Huffington Post]

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