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Anna Faris Faces $5k Fine After Leaving Her Adopted Dog Homeless

Anna Faris Dog

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Turner

After authorities found her adopted Chihuahua on the street and in bad shape, Anna Faris faces a $5,000 fine from an animal shelter after she broke a signed adoptions agreement. According to Kinder4Rescue owner Laurel Kinder, Faris signed a contract when she adopted the dog four years ago agreeing to pay the fine if she ever turned the pup — named Pete — over to a new owner. Kinder says the rule was put intact to keep track of where the animals end up in an effort to ensure that they remain in good homes.

The North Hollywood shelter says it got a call Friday from a nearby vet saying that a passerby found Pete emaciated and wandering the street alone. When the vet ran his microchip, it was revealed that the dog belonged to Anna Faris. Unfortunately she has yet to return the shelter’s calls.

Sources connected to Faris and her husband Chris Pratt say that the couple hasn’t gotten in contact with Kinder4Rescue because they’re out of the state. However, they’ve reportedly heard about what happened and are making plans to have the the dog brought to a “nice family home.” Details of how the dog became homeless are murky, but it seems like he either got out on his own or the family left him out on the street.

Faris has currently been moved to Kinder4Rescue do-not-adopt list. In order to get out of the fine, she will have to provide the shelter with proof that she’s been actively searching for Pete. They are also contemplating suing the actress for breach of contract.

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