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A Man Shot & Killed A Police Officer Because Of A Child Custody Battle



Otis Tyrone McKane allegedly shot a San Antonio police detective because he was upset over a child custody battle. The 31-year-old was angry that the court system had stopped him from seeing his child, so he lashed out by shooting Detective Benjamin Marconi.

McKane was arrested yesterday on a capital charge. When officers were bringing him in, he said that he reacted out of frustration, and wanted to apologize to the Marconi’s family. “I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset at the situation I was in, and I lashed out at someone who didn’t deserve it.”

mckane marconi police shooting

San Antonio Police Department/AP. McKane, left; Marconi, right.

Marconi was a police officer for 20 years, and McKane shot him while sitting in his squad car after making a traffic stop. He was picked up by a SWAT team the next day after a 30-hour manhunt. This murder was by no means McKane’s first offense–he was put in jail in 2012 after pleasing guilty to assault with bodily injury to a family member. Maybe that’s why he didn’t get custody of his child.

Donald Trump phoned Marconi’s family to offer his condolences, drawing media attention to the tragic incident.

[h/t Inquisitr]

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