The First Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘Girls’ Is Out & Things Look Messy

The first trailer for the final season of Girls has finally dropped and things are not looking up for Hannah Horvath. In the opening scene, Hannah can be scene sitting on the stoop of her Brooklyn apartment when Marnie rolls up with a hot French dude (or perhaps Desi faking a hot French accent) in a convertible. When Hannah hops in the back, she looks less than enthused. Probably because the last time we saw her she realized her best friend (Jessa) was dating her ex-boyfriend (Adam) and she has yet to get over it. Not a great place to leave off, especially considering she dumped her mega hot boyfriend Fran beforehand.

By the looks of the trailer, Jessa and Adam are still together, while Shoshanna looks to be making her move on Ray — again. We’re excited about the latter — they belong together!! — but Jessa and Adam? That’s pretty sh*tty girl code right there. As for Marnie, we’re hoping she left Desi for good, but we’re not totally confident about it. Either way, we’re excited for the show to come back, but sad this is the last season. We’ll forever love Hannah Horvath and all of her debaucherous behavior.

Check out the full trailer below and be sure to tune into the final season, starting February 12 at 10 P.M. on HBO.

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