Kansas University Cheerleader Suspended After KKK Snapchat

Lili Gagin was suspended from the Kansas University cheerleading squad Monday after the sophomore posted a racist photo on Snapchat that looked to be celebrating the KKK. The image featured three male cheerleaders each wearing a “K” sweater lined up next to each other. Over the photo was the text “KKK go Trump.”

The photo went viral after a student posted it to Twitter, demanding that Gagin be disassociated from the squad. “PSA: Being playfully racist doesn’t make it less racist,” she added in a follow-up tweet.



The university’s associated athletic director Jim Marchiony told the Kansas City Star that Gagin was suspended after the school learned about the photo during a Monday men’s basketball game against the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Marchiony also confirmed that the men featured in the photo were members of the cheer squad and that they were under investigation, but not suspended.

Kansas University Athletics have since responded on Twitter with the tweet, “Unacceptable. She is suspended from cheering pending formal investigation. This behavior won’t be tolerated. Will be dealt with appropriately.”

Gagin, however, denies posting the photo altogether. “I’m appalled that s Snapchat was put out on my Snapchat and posted to my account,” she said in a tweet. “I would never [have] done that & I apologize that it happened.” Her account has since been made private and many have responded with their own opinions on the matter via Twitter.






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