You Voted, And The Results Are In! Meet Miss COED 2017’s Semifinalists

Thanksgiving Break is finally here (YESSS!) and for 42 lucky ladies, their day is about to get even better. For the past two weeks, you’ve cast your votes, shared your favorites, and posted your support on social media. Tens of thousands of votes later, we managed to narrow down 144 contestants to just 42 semifinalists. With your help, the top three in each conference are moving on, and we’re excited to be one step closer to crowning Miss COED 2017.

HUGE shoutout and thank you to all the girls who have participated. You’re all rock stars, and we were happy to have you! Don’t forget to check back next year and re-apply to show us what you’ve got.

In the meantime, all 42 Round One winners will be moving on to Round Two beginning in January, so if your favorite lost out in Round One, make sure it doesn’t happen again. We’ll be doing fun activities and contestant spotlights with each girl until then. Plus it’s the holidays, so we’re planning on giving the ladies a break and letting them shine in the spotlight for a bit.

Here are the Miss COED 2017 semifinalists!

1. Abbie Edwards – West Virginia University
2. Abigail Patricy – Bowling Green State University
3. Abigail Rubemeyer – George Mason University
4. Alison Mong – Old Dominion University
5. Ashley Williams – Creighton University 
6. Ashton Waller – Florida State University
7. Brittany Love – University of Kentucky
8. Brittany Pierson – University of Alabama
9. Caitlin Causey – Texas A&M, Corpus Christi
10. Caitlin Hopkins – Georgia Southern University
11. Cara DeLuca – University of Connecticut
12. Carly Tennes – New York University 
13. Christa Widjaja – Texas Tech University
14. Cloie Luo – University of Louisiana at Lafayette
15. Emily Carlson – University of Texas at Arlington
16. Erika Luksch – University at Buffalo
17. Erin Everett – University of Denver
18. Fallon Williams – University of Southern California 
19. Gillian Reed – University of Southern Indiana
20. Heather Trost – Michigan State University 
21. Heidi Hoback – Virginia Tech
22. Jocelyn McNeany – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
23. Jordan Summerfield – Western Kentucky University
24. Katherine Kamenjarin – Southern Illinois University 
25. Keelie Brydson – Texas A&M University 
26. Kelsey Stone – California State University, Fullerton 
27. Kristiana Eredia – Grand Canyon University
28. Lexy Milliken – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
29. Lina Sabbah – University of Kansas
30. Maggie Arceneaux – Tulane University 
31. Marissa Rockenbach – University of Minnesota
32. Molly Winker – University of Utah
33. Mycayla O’Bryan – University of New Mexico
34. Nicole Linan – University of Nevada, Reno
35. Nikoletta Pappas – Florida Gulf Coast University 
36. Olivia Penna – Colorado State University 
37. Olivia Pollock – Pennsylvania College of Technology 
38. Savannah Cyrus – Marshall University 
39. Sheridan Godfrey – University of Colorado, Boulder
40. Tatum Cabot – University of Memphis 
41. Taylor Kiechle – University of Rhode Island
42. Victoria Niles – Western Michigan University 

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