The 5 Best Gifts To Give Your Internship Boss

If you had a fall internship, it’s probably starting to wrap up as winter break comes closer. You might be looking to say goodbye in the most professional way or just hoping to let your boss know how grateful you are for the opportunity and their guidance. The best way to leave a lasting impression? Aside from being a rock star intern, think about getting a holiday gift for your supervisor.

It’s good etiquette to write a thank-you note when you finish an internship, especially if you’ve had a good experience and hit it off with your boss. But since the holidays are coming anyway, this is a great opportunity to give your boss a small token a token of your appreciation, especially one that is thoughtful and professional.

Whether you interned at a magazine or an accounting firm, here are five of the best gifts to give your boss. And best of all, they’re all under $20.

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