Kim Kardashian Spent Thanksgiving Day at the Hospital By Kanye West’s Side

Kim Kardashian spent Thanksgiving by husband Kanye West’s side while he remains hospitalized in Los Angeles, according to E! News.

A source revealed to the celebrity news outlet that, “Kim is indeed with him and will be by his side for a while today. She plans on going to eat with her family later and the kids. North and Saint just think their dad is away now. Kanye wants to get better, so that’s s big part in this healing process. Kim is overwhelmed but is doing the best she can.”

Kanye voluntarily admitted himself to an L.A. area hospital earlier this week, reportedly due to an exhausting schedule of “fashion design, his tour and other projects.” He also walked off the stage during a concert tour after performing only two songs earlier this week, as well, and the Saint Pablo tour has since been halted.

“Kim is by his side now and will stand there till everything gets better,” the E! News insider reported. “Their time together was just about support. Kanye will be ok. He has a good set of doctors and the main thing is he wants to get through this.”

It is reported that Kanye does not have access to a computer or cell phone while hospitalized, under his doctor’s recommendation. It is still unclear as to when Kanye will be released from the hospital.

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