This Teenager Spent $733 At Sephora & Lived To Tell The Tale

Let me be clear: I love my parents. They’re funny, entertaining, torture my boyfriend an appropriate amount and brought groceries ever time they came to visit me in college. They are the best and I love them. However, if I charged more than $700 on their credit card, they would literally murder me. Thankfully my parents aren’t Alex Dello’s.

The 15-year-old makeup guru is going viral after she charged $733 worth of Sephora products to her mom’s credit card.

The problem? When she went to enter a gift card code during checkout, nothing was on it. And since she has her mom’s credit card already on file, the whole basket was charged to it.

“I texted my mother and now we wait for either my death or a really good makeup haul,” she explained, before adding that she already called Sephora to see if she could cancel the order. “If my girl Theresa doesn’t pull through and cancel this order, there’s not only gonna be a credit card fraud case, there’s gonna be a homicide case. Marsha’s gonna get me.”

Yup, I’ve been there before. Check out the full video:

She has since updated her Twitter bio to the following: “I kept all the makeup. Teresa didn’t pull thru.” Yikes.

Marsha, you’re one of the good ones.

[H/T: Refinery29]