Kendall Jenner Revealed Just How Strict Caitlyn Jenner Was When She Was Growing Up

If you’re one of the many who assumed life for the Jenner sisters was always easy, you thought wrong. Growing up with Caitlyn Jenner as one of your parents is harder than you think, regardless of how rich and beautiful you are.

In a new post titled “The Thing Kylie and I Would Always Get in Trouble For,” Kendall revealed how strict Caitlyn Jenner was while her and Kylie were growing up. In short: Caitlyn’s punishment tactics were straight-up savage.

“Growing up, my dad was way more strict than my mom,” she confessed on her app and website. “He was always reminding Kylie and me about school and homework — but we never really got in trouble for that. The one thing he would get mad at us for was not eating our food.”

Spoken like a true model!

“Sometimes, we would avoid eating all of our dinner so we could sneak away and eat junk food, like popsicles and other sweets,” she continued. “So, if we wanted dessert, my dad insisted that we had to finish everything on our plates, including all of our vegetables and protein.”

Ok good, so they’re not just not eating, they just really love potato chips and chocolate. We totally get that. Sadly, Caitlyn didn’t.

“He would tell us that if we didn’t finish, we would have to go to bed hungry, but we would still try to sneak dessert anyway, lol,” she explained. My feelings when I go to bed hungry:

Zoeey Deschanel
A life without snacks is no life at all. Luckily, that was about the harshest punishment the girls ever had. According to Kendall, neither parent had “that many rules.”

“Luckily, my parents wouldn’t get upset over little things and they didn’t have that many rules,” she said. “I had some friends with really strict parents — and those kids all turned out the most wild! I think my parents definitely raised me and Ky the right way, and I feel so blessed for that.”

Yup, blessed is one word for it. And now that you’re over the age of 18, making more money than both of your parents combined and live in a massive mansion all on your own, you can eat all of the snacks you want without eating your vegetables first.


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