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Boxed Fireball Has Arrived Just In Time For The Holidays



Ahh, the holidays. How to cope with hours of time spent with loved ones in close quarters? Alcohol! And now you can trade in your boxed wine for something a little more potent that already smells like regret: Fireball.

Fireball is one of those liquors that when you drink it for the first time, you’re blown away by how good and non-alcoholic it tastes. And then you drink it so much that every time you try to take a shot you kind of want to die. But Fireball is actually perfect for the holidays–it’s delicious on its own, but is especially good added to apple cider or sangria. Definitely my favorite way to stay warm all winter.

And now, every freshman’s favorite straight liquor of choice now comes party-sized in a nifty box. Each one contains two 1.75 liter bags of booze, so make sure you share with your friends. One of these will set you back around $50, and there’s only a limited amount available–so head to your local liquor store ASAP!

[h/t EliteDaily]


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