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This Is The Food Kendall Jenner Keeps In Her Dressing Room

Kendall Jenner Instagram

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is preparing to walk amongst some of the most beautiful women in the world: the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Currently in Paris and probably rolling around in some gorgeous lingerie as we speak, the 21-year-old supermodel took time out of hanging out with other beautiful and enjoying the hot Parisians to discuss the food she keeps in her dressing room. Considering she’s richer than most people in the world, she could really ask for whatever she wants. But her choices are pretty damn normal and make us love her even more.

Really, she’s just like us (except richer, taller and with a Rolls Royce).

Kendall Jenner

So what is she snacking on before she struts down the runway? Well, for starters, Jenner loves Justin’s Nut Butter Packets. They’re healthy, delicious and sweet, and are often a staple in people’s routines post-workout. But like we mentioned yesterday, Jenner also can’t pass up some good old fashioned junk food. So it’s fitting that she keeps packets of mini Twix laying around when needed.

She’s also a fan of guacamole, chips (to go with the guac, obviously), hummus and carrots (for dipping purposes). In short: we like her style. If we ever have a dressing room one day, we’ll have whatever Kendall Jenner is having.

Kendall Jenner

[H/T: Refinery29]

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