Brooks talked about a moment of low self-esteem at the gym when she found herself comparing her body to a fit, toned woman. As part of her workout routine, Brooks habitually takes her shirt off and exercises in a sports bra as a confidence booster (wish was that confident), but started feeling defeated when she compared herself to this other woman.

“So I realized I’m comparing myself to this woman,” she said. “And I’m like, why just two minutes ago I was feeling great and now I’m not? And I realized the reason I was feeling so great is because I was comparing myself to yesterday’s Danielle. And today’s Danielle is better than yesterday’s. And that’s why I felt so good.”

Yassss, girl! The only progress that matters is your own–we should all learn to love our bodies as much as she does and strive for her confidence.

“So, ladies, I’m just saying … don’t compare yourself to nobody,” she continued. “Just be a better you.”

[h/t SkinnyMom]