A Florida Woman Disappeared While Jogging & Police Fear Her Abusive Husband Kidnapped Her

Racheal Madison Missing


Rachael Madison, a 44-year-old who recently fled to Florida from Indiana to escape her abusive husband, went missing Sunday while out for a jog. She recently moved to Ormond-by-the-Sea to live with her aunt after she left her 50-year-old husband Jarvis Madison. Due to his violent and abusive nature, police believe he might have traveled to Florida to kidnap her.

According to police reports, Jarvis had once poured acid on one of Rachael’s tattoos and left a wound on her back. He also allegedly cut the back of her neck with a knife and held her hostage before she eventually escaped to Florida.

“Those past incidents are what has us concerned for her well-being,” Volusia Sheriff’s spokesman Andrew Grant told the News-Journal Online. By Monday afternoon, Indiana authorities obtained a warrant for Jarvis’s arrest on criminal confinement charges. He remains at large and armed with a .45-caliber handgun.

Before leaving, the couple had become homeless and were spending nights between motels and Jarvis’s car in Kentucky. After begging her aunt to “take her away from her abusive husband,” Madison’s aunt drove to Kentucky and planned to meet her in a bookstore. However, Jarvis found out about the plan and held Madison hostage in his car with a handgun. Eventually he kicked her out on the side of the road when she asked to go to the bathroom. Initially she tried to run, but he fired his shotgun at her. Luckily he missed and she was able to convince him to take her to a local Walmart. Her aunt, who was also there, immediately contacted security and called the police.

Rachael finally arrived in Florida on November 16 and was looking for a job, but she was still experiencing daily harassment by her husband. Jarvis allegedly made several calls threatening to kill Rachael’s aunt for hiding his wife and killing Rachael herself if she did not come back home. Roughly 30 minutes prior to her disappearance, Jarvis also called Rachael’s aunt asking where his wife was.

She was last seen on Sunday around 1.30pm.

Officers found the body of Rachael Madison Friday night in a remote area on the side of a highway in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jarvis Madison, her husband, was arrested Friday morning for criminal confinement charges. His arrest led them to the body’s location more than 200 miles away. He currently remains in custody in Indiana.

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