This Woman Was Arrested For Trying To Frame Her Ex-Boyfriend For Stalking

We’ve all had bad breakups…but this woman took it to the next level. Stephani Lawson of Las Vegas created a fake Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend to attempt to frame him for stalking her. To say she failed is an understatement–Lawson has been sentenced to a year in jail.

She wanted her former boyfriend, Tyler Parkervest of Irvine, California, to be arrested last year when they broke up. Lawson filed eight police reports alleging that her ex made threats via Facebook to kill her and her daughter, and that he held her in his car at knifepoint.

Prosecutors are saying that she lied about the attack and sent the threats to herself. Initially, Parkervest was arrested and charged with stalking, kidnapping, battery and making threats–though these charges were dropped last month when Lawson pled guilty to perjury and false imprisonment.

Bad breakup, eh?

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