Andrew Garfield Says He Still Loves Emma Stone & WTF CAN THEY JUST GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY?!

We were devastated when Brangelina split, but when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield called it quits, we questioned the existence in love. I mean, just look at them. How cute are they?!

“Emma Stone. I love Emma,” he told The Hollywood Reporter, when asked who he’d choose to have with him on a deserted island. “She’s all right. She can come.”

“It was like I woke up when she came in. She was the last person to screen-test, and I was so bored of it by then that I was mucking about – I’d been pretending I was Tom Hanks or Seth Rogen,” he said. “And then she came in, and it was like diving into white-water rapids and having no desire to hang on to the side.”

He continued, “Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting. I couldn’t help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her, and not let her get away. Like an animal preying on a smaller animal, but a wily smaller animal.”

The couple split just last year after meeting in 2011 on the set of The Amazing Spideman, but it’s pretty clear the two still love one another. In a recent Vogue article, Stone revealed that she had a pretty difficult 2016 because she missed Garfield, describing him as “someone I still love very much.”

SO PLEASE. MAKE OUR 2017 DREAMS COME TRUE AND GET BACK TOGETHER. At this point in time, we just need something to believe in.

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