This Is The Most Popular Song To Have Sex To In The United States

For many, music can really set the mood. While slow jams and R&B have become “baby-making music” staples, not everyone opts for Boyz II Men when trying to get laid (thankfully). So which songs are being used to prep for a sexy night in? Well, according to Spotify, EDM is not just taking over the world, but it’s also taking over the bedroom.

The music streaming service just compiled a list of the most popular songs to have sex to, and the number one track in the United States is “Sex” by Cheat Codes and Kris Kross Amsterdam. I don’t personally get it, but maybe you will. Check it out:

Not exactly sensual, right? I mean yes… they are literally talking about sex, but can you really imagine this playing mid-hookup? It makes me feel like I should dancing my heart out with a bottle of tequila in a dark club, not getting down with my boyfriend. Granted, I also hate EDM, so maybe it’s just me.

Now the UK is more my style. They opted for something a bit more legit: “Sex With Me” by Rihanna.

Riri can do no wrong. Not only do the Brits like to bone to her song, but people just love her in general; she was also the most streamed female artist in the world for the second time in a row. Amazing.

Time to update that playlist…

[H/T: Elite Daily]