The Best Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

Admit it: You’re a sucker for astrology. Who doesn’t need a little divine guidance when it comes to holiday shopping? Your resident stargazer is at your service, with a crystal ball’s worth of goodies for the girlfriends, boyfriends, Libras, Leos and the ridiculously fussy Virgos in your life, so you can get your Christmas shopping checked off like an efficient Energizer bunny and spend the rest of the month chillaxing on the couch, watching the latest masterpieces from Netflix.

When picking the most promising and trendiest gifts of this holiday season, I didn’t stop at jewelry. I wondered what else the Aquarians, the Scorpions, the Netflix-fiends and the gym rats needed for the bedroom or a day on the slopes. Whether it’s cool accessories for the jet-set or fail-proof presents for the health-conscious, I made sure to compile the best gifts for every sign, including plenty of glitter for the Leo in your posse.

So even if your BFF, mom or sister aren’t the typical Pisces or Cancer, there’s no doubt they’ll love one of these timeless gifts. Read on for some amazing holiday gift suggestions. Who would know better than the stars?

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