This Father Is Sticking Up For His 15-Year-Old Son After He Was Accused Of Sexual Assault

A 15-year-old boy is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl during a football game at De La Salle High School in Concord, California, and his father is denying it happened.

The boy, who is currently a freshman at the all-boys Catholic high school, plays for the freshman football team, while the girl attends the neighboring  Carondelet High School. Both of their identities were kept private due to their ages.

However, the boy’s father has spoken out since allegations came to light, explaining that the sexual assault was actually a consensual act. “He’s tall, dark and handsome. He plays for De La Salle, there’s a lot of girls that want to be with my son,” he said. “When young, fast girls see something they like, they go after it.”

He continued, “They were just two teenagers having sex; they were just doing it at the wrong place, at the wrong time,” before adding that the young girl “chased my son down.”

It was also reported that the boy’s father is a registered sex offender, though he argued,” Just because my background is what it is — I’m not that type of individual and neither is my son.”

As expected, the girl and her father are telling a very different story. According to her father, his daughter — along with several other girls at the school — had been receiving inappropriate texts from the boy prior to the incident. When she went to confront him about the texts at the football game, he assaulted her. A week after she told her principal about what happened, the boy was arrested. Unfortunately he has already been released from juvenile hall despite surveillance footage proving her story true.

“I had to sit back and wait while the kid was still going to school across the street from my daughter after he raped her,” the girl’s father said in a statement. The school responded with a short statement about the case, but declined to give specifics.

“The football team should not be their focus,” the girl’s father said, claiming that the school cared more about the sports team than his daughter. “A child was hurt. It shouldn’t be their focus to say he wasn’t on the varsity team. They mentioned more about the football team than what happened.”

Thankfully school administrators at Carondelet are helping the young girl cope.

“To be completely honest, my school counselors have helped me a lot and my friends. And just knowing that in the long run, I’ll be okay,” she said. “I can’t just let this stop me, just because this happened. I need to show him that no, I’m not going to stop.”

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