The Ultimate Hanukkah Gift Guide

If you celebrate Hanukkah, you know you’re lucky enough to receive eight presents or possibly even more. Meanwhile, as your friends or family, we’ve got eight days to choose the perfect¬†gift for you. Or, for those of us who are extra generous, go all out and get you eight gifts, one for each day. With a head start on the holidays, Hanukkah commences on December 24 and ends on January 1 and leaves us hurrying to finish our gift buying process.

We’ve done the hard, Hanukkah-season research on several amazing items, from those that are in the low to medium price range to those that are slightly pricier. No matter who you are, you’ll not only love these, you’ll need them. And if you’re the one buying the gifts, you might just want to grab one of these for yourself because they’re pretty impressive.

Pro tip: You can never go wrong with food or something bright and sparkly. ¬†Whether you’re following the traditional route of gift giving or looking for some unique and creative ideas, get inspiration from this year’s Hanukkah gifting guide.

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