Instagram Is Making A Major Change & It Could Solve Your Social Media Woes

Justin Bieber took himself off Instagram earlier this year after he was bombarded with hate comments by his supposed fans. While we knew we’d miss his selfies, we totally got where he was coming from. Social media is full of hate and it’s really starting to get old. But today, Instagram debuted a new feature that is guaranteed to make a change. The popular social media platform announced that you now have the ability to turn off comments on a post.

So how does it work? The screen that pops up right before posting — where you can tag friends and add a caption — will now feature a new “Advanced Settings” tab. Once you click on that, you will be given the option to “Turn Off Commenting.” Swipe that baby to the right and you’re good to go.

For those who choose to keep their comments on, followers will now have the option to “like” what others are posting, so Instagrammers can spread the love.

The network’s final change gives nod to those looking to delete their exes from their lives without blocking them (because they’re not that important, after all). Before the new features were debuted, users were unable to remove followers from your follower list. Now you can easily remove people from your list in the same way you might unfriend someone on Facebook.

GOODBYE TODD, MY BOYFRIEND FROM 11TH GRADE! Way to go Instagram — thanks for making social media a better place. Bye trolls!


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