10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sofia Richie

Let’s get one thing straight: Sofia Richie is more than Justin Bieber‘s rumored (ex?) girlfriend. Though Richie may be young, both in the sense of age and in the sense of her career, and cut from the same cloth as the Jenners, Hiltons and Hadids, to rely on only the single identifier of being the ex of the Biebs would be unfair. According to her interview with Complex, Richie has big plans… and none of them includes being known as anyone’s ex.

Her last name might sound familiar, but the mysterious 18-year-old model has attracted a lot of attention in 2016, making headlines and appearing in plenty of paparazzi shots. Before that, she was Nicole Richie’s little sister and BFF to Kylie Jenner, appearing in Snapchats and Instagrams while growing her own presence in the fashion world.

sofia richie fun facts

Sofia Richie’s time is coming. And before she hits her future A-list status, there’s plenty to learn about her. Here are 10 fun facts about Sofia Richie.

1. She is Nicole Richie’s half-sibling.

This may seem obvious due to the whole ‘Richie’ thing, but Nicole and Sofia are the daughters of the singer Lionel Richie. Nicole is Lionel’s oldest child, adopted with his former wife Brenda Harvey. Sofia is one of Lionel’s two children with Diana Alexander. Nicole and Sofia have a brother named Miles, who Sofia is also close with.


2. She appeared on Nicole Richie’s VH1 show.

Nicole Richie’s semi-scripted reality show, Candidly Nicole, aired on AOL and Vh1 for two seasons and featured various appearances from Sofia, including footage of the two grocery shopping and playfully feuding about a house party.


3. She considers Paris Hilton “another sister.”

Richie told Complex that Paris Hilton “is like another sister to me.” After the two were spotted together while out at a club for an event, some questioned whether the heiress would be a good influence on the young Richie.

Richie refutes this sentiment by admitting that while she goes to clubs and parties with her friends, “We don’t want to be seen as those girls.” Though an interviewer asked if she considered herself “straight edge” or abstaining from drugs and alcohol, Richie laughed off the question.

“No, I’m a beast! I’m kidding,” she replied.


4. She was an athlete until she was in an accident.

Richie is a soccer fan, and she played the sport for many years as a confessed “tomboy.” Richie’s days playing on a soccer team ended when she was 16 after she was in an accident while riding a segway.

Richie still says that she mainly has guy friends, saying that her hobbies, including video games, tend to still be more tomboy-ish.

5. Richie is very spiritual.

She says that her belief in God and her faith are “the most interesting thing in my life.” After attending Bible classes during her time at a Christian high school, Richie says that she now considers her spirituality her “main ground.”

Via Complex:

“One of the key factors of life is love, and the key factor of God is love, so having that understanding is really important in a relationship,” she explains. “Having someone that genuinely respects you and understands your life and is open to hearing about your life is really cool. Having someone to just open up to and talk to when shit is bad and when shit is great.”

6. She wants to do music.

Her father is a music legend, and Sofia Richie is hoping to one day have a career of her own. She is wary about pursuing it because of the possible constraints of her family name. Richie says she would have to be “100% good” in order to release music, with the pressure being a major factor in her anxiety about becoming a musician.

Though Richie recalls begging her father for a record deal at 13 years old, she is now grateful that he asked her to give it time.

Her favorite artists include Frank Ocean, Rihanna and Shawn Mendes.

7. She is candid about her experiences with racism.

Richie, who is of mixed race, admits that her skin tone has led to some experiences of racism.

She told Complex:

“I’m very light, so some people don’t really know that I’m black. I’ve been in situations where people will say something kind of racist and I’ll step in and they’ll be like, ‘Oh, well, you’re light,’” she says, her eyes flashing. “That still doesn’t cut it, buddy. It’s 2016—you better get your shit together before you get slapped out here.”

8. She modeled in Kanye West‘s infamous Yeezy Season 4 fashion show.

Richie was featured on the runway of the disastrous and controversial Yeezy Season 4 fashion show. The show encountered controversy from its very beginning, when a casting call was leaked that asked for models of “mixed race” only.

At the show, models passed out, begged for water and threw off their shoes amidst the oppressive heat, and some fashion editors and insiders angrily requested a boycott of the collection, citing its cruelty to the lesser-known models featured in the show.

Richie called West’s request for her presence on the runway a “shock.”

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

9. She doesn’t consider modeling to be her “life career.”

Richie says that she “really loves” modeling as it gives her an opportunity to observe designers and work in fashion, but that she doesn’t consider modeling her passion. She plans to eventually move into design and create her own fashion line.

Richie says her fave fashion icons include the Olsen twins and Rihanna.

10. Richie first voted in the 2016 presidential election.

“I think I’m with her,” Richie told TMZ.

On Instagram, she was a bit more passionate about the election, posting a picture of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, using admitting she would miss the presidential couple and using the hashtag #her in support of Hillary Clinton.


Same, Sofia. Same.

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