Are Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Getting A Divorce?

It’s been a rough few months for Kimye, between Kim Kardashian‘s horrifying robbery in Paris and Kanye West‘s recent hospitalization, and according to Us Weekly, things aren’t looking up. Despite several sources saying that the 36-year-old reality star stayed by her husband’s side while he was in the hospital, a “close family friend” is saying that she’s considering divorce.

After two and a half years of marriage, Kardashian reportedly told a friend that “she wants a divorce,” but she’s also not rushing to file papers just yet. That’s probably a good decision, considering her husband was just released from the hospital after suffering from a temporary psychosis.

“It will take some time before she can do anything,” the friend said, alleging that she’s also trying to build a case to attain full custody of the couple’s children. But before you jump to conclusions, the friend also assured reporters that the Kardashian queen does have a soul and won’t make any decisions until West is fully recovered.

“She’s being a supportive wife,” the source added. “She cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs, but she’s felt trapped for a while.”

A previous report from the magazine stated that since’s West’s hospitalization in November, she hasn’t left his side.

“Kim has been amazing. She knew he couldn’t keep going the way he was. She has been by his side through all of this, helping to feed him and lying by his side,” the source explained before adding, “All the Kardashian women stick by their men.”

Another source added that the situation has only made their relationship stronger.

“They both have been through a lot but are staying strong as a married couple and helping one another get back up,” an insider said. “They know in the end this will bring them closer. Their love has not been affected during this hard time, but it has been tested to see if they can get through it. They have faith they will.”

So who should you believe? We’ll leave it up to you.

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