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This Guy Did The Sweetest Thing So His Girlfriend Could Go To Coachella

Twitter/Tatyanna Snyder

Twitter/Tatyanna Snyder

Taking #RelationshipGoals to the next level are teenagers Tatyanna Snyder, 17, and Jordan Shetrone, 18, who have been BFFs for three years and dating for the past nine months.

Snyder is currently a senior in high school, but she does freelance work as a makeup artist–and she’s pretty talented. Apparently, she REALLY wanted to go to Coachella this year, but those tickets are kind of expensive.

Her boyfriend offered to lend her $200 so she could buy a ticket, but she refused. So instead, he asked her to be his makeup artist so he could pay her for her skilled services. Tatyanna usually charges $50, so he made an appointment for a complete makeover.

“I already knew what he was trying to do. He made an appointment with me Saturday for a full beat, glitter lashes and all. It just made my heart feel warm that he even did that for me.” Umm, hell yeah girl. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

[h/t EliteDaily]

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