If You Need A Reason To Watch ‘Hairspray Live!’, Look No Further Than Derek Hough

Apparently good looks run in the Hough family.

Ever since we met Julianne Hough’s younger brother Derek on Dancing with the Stars, we’ve had our eyes set on him. The 31-year-old entertainer won six consecutive seasons and two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography for several routines that he choreographed for the show. Now he’s one of the stars in Hairspray Live!, giving us just one more reason to watch tonight’s broadcast.

Hough is playing Corny Collins in the musical TV-production, the idolized TV host from The Corny Collins Show, and based on his Instagram account, he totally fits the part. Hough is suave, handsome, has incredibly shiny hair and he can obviously dance his ass off. In short: playing Corny Collins is the perfect role for him.

He recently revealed that he might be a little nervous for tonight’s performance, but it’s nothing he hasn’t experienced before. “If anything, the imperfections are what makes it special,” he said about the special, before adding that he’s going to take to the stage with the same advice he used with his DWTS partners.

“Treat it like a rehearsal … just do what you’ve been doing,” he said. “I almost mentally tell myself, ‘OK, I’m just gonna go run through this one more time, and then I’m gonna go home,’ when it’s actually the performance.”

Words to live by right there. So what’s next for the multi-talented entertainer? While Hough says he won’t be returning to Dancing with the Stars anytime soon (insert sad face here), he is set to star as Don Lockwood in the upcoming 2017 Broadway production of Singin’ in the Rain. Honestly, we’re just excited that he won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

Before watching tonight’s Hairspray Live!, check out the actor’s hottest photos below. You might need a wet towel for this one.

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