These Dogs Recreated Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video & It’s The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day

When Kanye West’s “Famous” music video hit the web earlier this year, it caused a ton of controversy. Fans admired West’s artistic expression while critics completely bashed it for being a desperate plea for attention. Regardless of the initial motive, it caused a lot conversation, which is exactly why the video quickly became iconic. So it’s no wonder that prominent AIDs charity organization (RED) wanted to emulate it for the sake of helping others. But instead of intertwining a naked Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner, they took things up a notch with some famous dogs on social media.

Ten adorable pups snuggled together in an oversized bed wearing (RED)’s (BEDHEAD)RED doggy pajamas, the company’s latest initiative to help raise money around the holidays. Not only are the PJs absolutely adorable, but these pups are really selling them. So who’s wearing them? The video features the likes of Tuna, Toast, Muppet, Chloe The Mini Frenchie, Reese, Chloe Kardoggian, King Bently, Mervin The Chihuahua, Mochi and Ella Bean. It pays to have good models, you know?

Check out the adorable video below.


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