Hairspray Wow! Drink Along To NBC’s ‘Hairspray Live’ With Our Drinking Game

hairspray live cast

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Can you hear the bells? If not, you haven’t had enough to drink.

For the fourth year, NBC is airing a live musical during primetime to the joy of theater lovers like myself. We won’t get to see a drugged up Christopher Walken like in 2014’s Peter Pan, but maybe this year’s installment of Hairspray Live! will be the one where there’s a NSFW wardrobe malfunction that lead to some grown up discussions for families watching. (It has to happen eventually, right?)

Maddie Baillio snagged the leading role as Tracy Turnblad while big names like Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, and Derek Hough will be backing her up onstage. We’re huge fans of the 1998 show and excited to see a modern adaptation, but we’re not going to lie — we’re really excited to see mega babes Derek Hough and Garrett Clayton show their stuff during the live performance. Another presumable highlight from the show? Ariana Grande. Haters are gonna hate, but the girl has some serious vocal cords that you’re not gonna want to miss.

Looking to spice up your trip to the 1960s? Grab the wine and drink along!


Take A Sip When:

– Someone says “Baltimore.” (Yes, the first song counts.)

– An ensemble member isn’t really paying attention.

– Edna eats something.

– Someone sprays hairspray.

– Someone you follow on Twitter suggests what musical NBC should do next year.

Take Two Sips When:

– You wonder what Amanda Bynes (Penny in the movie version) is up to nowadays.

– They cut to a scene change during the commercial break.

– Billy Eichner yells at someone.

– You miss Zac Efron as Link.

Take A Shot When:

– Someone obviously flubs a line.

– A character looks directly into the camera or breaks the fourth wall.

– A Twitter hashtag or account emerges due to events on the show.

Finish The Bottle If:

– There’s a NSFW wardrobe malfunction.

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