Malika Haqq & Ronnie Magro Are Dating, So Stay Tuned For That Reality Show

In today’s installment of “Do You Remember Me From A Reality Show?” former Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro and Kardashian BFF/Dash Doll Malika Haqq are officially dating/probably already contractually obligated to film a spinoff for Vh1.

Gone are the days of the smoosh room, as Instagram has become the popular platform for announcing the beginning of a relationship.

According to TMZ, Haqq and Magro met through the filming of the wildly mediocre Famously Single, a reality show (yikes) that follows people whose names you most likely can’t quite remember through their journey in Hollywood dating.

The same show birthed the love affair of Aubrey O’Day and Magro’s former costar/main guido Pauly D.

The pair were also spotted on social media hanging with other marginally famous people that a production company forced them to speak to, including actual queen/reality TV legend Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Dancing With The Stars dancer/”star” Karina Smirnoff.

Prepare for the premiere of this soul-stirring programming in 2017, with Famously Single‘s sophomoric return on the horizon.

The real question here is what Sammi “Sweetheart” would think of all this.

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[H/T: TMZ]

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