The Professor Attacked At OSU Declined An Invitation To Meet Donald Trump

William Clark, an Ohio State University professor who was stabbed during an attack at the school in November, declined an invitation to meet President-elect Donald Trump when the businessman went to Ohio this week. His reason? Trump’s Twitter response to the incident.

“I was frankly a little put off my Mr. Trump’s initial reaction to the attack, where he got on Twitter and quickly blamed immigration policies for allowing this to happen,” Clark told CNN. “I’ve been a professor for 35 years and I know these issues — when students do these things, they’re often more complex than that.”

ICYMI, Trump immediately took to Twitter claiming that ISIS took credit for the attack on campus. “ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country,” he tweeted early that morning.

Like many, Clark was put off by his words and wished Trump didn’t single out minority groups and suggest that the U.S. exclude them.

On a brighter note, Clark is recovering from the wounds he suffered and is “improving slowly day by day.”

“I’m older than most of the other victims and they had a more traumatic experience being chased by a guy with a knife than I did,” Clark said before adding that meeting the President-elect wasn’t “a necessary step” in his recovery process.

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