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The 5 Best Ways To De-Stress During The Hell That Is Finals Week

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Feeling that finals week overload yet? Things are getting pretty stressful, especially with the endless stream of papers, group projects and tests. We’re already counting down the days until our break starts and we can start to finally relax.

Finals week has always been a perfect storm of stress for college students. On top of all of the grueling work, everything else is winding down for the semester. There’s never enough time to do everything we want to do, whether it’s hanging out with friends before heading back home and/or watching all of the winter TV finales. Instead, we’re stuck stressing about all of our last-minute assignments.

Ways To De-Stress During Finals Week

Well, we don’t have to wait until break to de-stress. It’s totally cool to take a break every so often while studying. We’ll need the break if we want to make it through finals without being an exhausted mess. Here are some of the best ways that you can take that break and let go of some of that stress.

Break open that Lisa Vanderpump sangria and watch The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Ways To De-Stress During Finals Week

Ok, this can be done with almost any of the Real Housewives and any brand of alcohol but we just love Lisa Vanderpump. Amidst a stack of papers and textbooks, who wouldn’t want to just sip on some LVP Sangria, watch The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and pretend to be Lisa’s BFF for a little bit? Even just watching an episode will get the job done.

Exercise to Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Ways To De-Stress During Finals Week

Exercising can seriously get your mind off of studying and adding in some Beyonce can only help with the whole relaxing thing. If you really want to commit, don your best Beyonce garb (hello, Ivy Park!) while you do it. It will help to de-stress you and empower you to finish everything else on your to-do list.

That said, we encourage exercise and getting active, but maybe leave the baseball bat at home?

Puppies, puppies and MORE puppies!

Ways To De-Stress During Finals Week

Everyone could us a little puppy break. Seriously, just surround yourself with all of the puppies. At least five puppies. They will immediately relieve you of all worries. No one can be stressed while surrounded by so much cuteness!

And if you’re allergic to dogs…. Well, kittens will do too. Best of luck.

Pick your fave celeb Chris and have a mini-movie marathon of their films.

Ways To De-Stress During Finals Week

There are so many hot Chrises on the A-list nowadays, with hunks from Chris Evans to Chris Pine starring in basically every single film. For our study break, we’d have to go with Chris Pratt aka our dream boyfriend ever since Parks and Recreation. We’re gonna have to push that paper aside and opt for a viewing of Guardians of The Galaxy.

Get fro-yo…. Get all of the fro-yo.

Ways To De-Stress During Finals Week

Fro-yo has never done us wrong. We could definitely use a chance to refuel between study sessions. Go to your nearest fro-yo place and get as much fro-yo as you can stand. We all deserve some fro-yo while dealing with finals.

    Stephanie is currently studying Writing for Different Media at New York University. She's an avid TV watcher and massive pop culture fan.