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This 32-Year-Old Model Claims Her Ex-Boyfriend Offered Her $75k To Abort Their Baby

Elmira Naymark & Ron Ozer Law suit


Elmira Naymark, a 32-year-old model from New York, is suing her ex-boyfriend Ron Ozer, 29, for child support, alleging that he offered to pay her $75,000 to abort their baby.

According to the New York Postthe two were together for more than two years, but the 29-year-old refuses to give money to the child, despite being a prosperous portfolio manager at Citadel who specializes in natural gas deals. He’s also an MIT graduate who owns a $2 million West Village apartment that used to belong to Robert DeNiro, so clearly the dude is anything but short on cash.

Naymark says when she announced she was expecting, Ozer went off and told her to “take a pill” and “call the clinic.” He then went on to deny that he was the father and openly admitted that he would distance himself from Naymark and the baby if she decided to keep it, according to the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last week. Following that conversation, Ozer reportedly had a coworker text Naymark asking if she would have an abortion if Ozer paid her $75,000.

“He wants to help you out and take care of this,” the text allegedly said. “This isn’t the only chance for you to have children. You don’t have to force this and do it alone. He’d be willing to offer a lump sum of money to you. I’m sure he would have no problem with $50k-75,000.”

After making her decision to continue on with the pregnancy, he called her “white trash” and “disgusting.” She had the baby in September and, she says, has been forced to go on food stamps and Medicaid due to Ozer’s refusal to help pay child support. She is now asking for child support “proportionate with [Ozer’s] vast wealth and income.”

She is also asking for a paternity test (he now denies that he is the father), full custody, health insurance for the baby, funding for private schools and summer camps, and a $5 million life insurance policy listing for herself and their daughter as beneficiaries in the case of Ozer’s death.

Considering the guy makes $60  million in one deal, we think he can manage. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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