Numerous Uber Employees Used The App To Stalk Their Ex-Girlfriends

Uber is currently under fire after a former security expert for the company revealed that drivers are illegally helping men stalk their ex-girlfriends.

Ward Spangenberg, 45, was fired from the company earlier this year and is suing for age discrimination and whistleblower retaliation. But before his lawsuit goes to court, he’s getting revenge the old-fashioned way: by spilling horrifying company secrets.

“Uber’s lack of security regarding its customer data was resulting in Uber employees being able to track high profile politicians, celebrities, and even personal acquaintances of Uber employees, including ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and ex-spouses,” Spangenberg wrote in a court declaration in October.

While Uber vehemently denies the accusations and said that it has strict policies that don’t allow employees to access a users’ information, a more thorough look into the app proves just how easy it would be to track someone.

The company automatically tracks your location even when you’re not using the app, unless you change the settings yourself.

Uber DetailsSpangenberg also said that while working at the company, he took issue with the “illegal practices” they implemented and started to voice his concerns in March 2015. Then he was let go.

“I also reported Uber’s lack of security, and allowed all employees to access this information (as opposed to a small security team) was resulting in a violation of governmental regulations regarding data protection and consumer privacy rights,” he explained.

Uber might be denying the accusations, but five other security professionals who used to work for the company side with what Spangenberg is saying.

“When I was at the company, you could stalk an ex or look up anyone’s ride with the flimsiest of justifications,” another former employee said. “It didn’t require anyone’s approval.”

Well that’s f*cked up and absolutely terrifying. Word to the wise: turn off your locations and start taking Lyft.

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