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Kappa Delta’s Jordan Summerfield Empowers Women Through The ‘You Make Me Smile’ Campaign


Jordan Summerfield

For Jordan Summerfield, life has never been sweeter. The Miss COED 2017 contestant made the nearly 500 mile journey from North Carolina to Kentucky to cheer for Western Kentucky University. Ever since she was a little girl, she has dreamt of being a college cheerleader, and now she’s made that dream a reality.

Jordan is also taking full advantage of her first semester as a collegiate and even joined a sorority. As a proud sister in Kappa Delta, she’s become passionate about Confidence Coalition, an organization founded by KD that encourages women to be themselves and reach their full potential. Every year, they participate in the “You Make Me Smile” campaign and write positive messages on balloons and hand them out to women on campus.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jordan is awesome and we’re proud to have her as a contestant. Read on below to learn more about Jordan and be sure to check back daily as we get to know each of our semifinalists a bit better.

What is your favorite moment at school?

My favorite memorable moment so far in college would have to be the previous football game we just had. Growing up, I’ve never necessarily cheered for the winning football team. Now that I am at Western Kentucky University, that completely changed. This past weekend, our football team played in the C-USA Conference Championship game. They won in 2015 so this was the year to defend the title. This was by far my favorite moment. Football is my favorite time of year, the stadium was packed to cheer on the Hilltoppers, and I was shown on ESPN. Not only did all of that happen, but the Tops won their second consecutive title as C-USA Conference Champions. My favorite part about the game was that once the scoreboard was down to two minutes and we were up by two touchdowns and everyone knew it was over, all of the students at the game got ready to rush the field. It was the most exciting, breathtaking moment when everyone rushed the field and we all got to celebrate on the 50-yard line with the traditional cheer. T-O-P-S TOPS TOPS TOPS!

Confidence Coalition

Being a part of Kappa Delta, we aim to make a difference in our communities. Our considerations extend far beyond our circle of friendship and we care a lot about those who are not Kappa Deltas. We are a women’s organization who aims to impact the lives of women. In 2009, Kappa Delta created the Confidence Coalition that encourages women to stand up to peer pressure, bullying, stereotypes and more. This gave women the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We participate in an awareness campaign called “You Make Me Smile.” During this activity, we blow up balloons and write positive notes on them such as, “Love yourself,” “Be Confident,” and “You’re BE-YOU-TIFUL,” along with several other positive notes. We stand in the middle of campus and hand out these balloons to those not in Kappa Delta just to give them a remember that they are great the way they are. I love this because you never know what someone is going through, and receiving a confidence message can change a person’s day. I love handing out the balloons and seeing girl’s faces instantly light up. It’s such a beautiful event to help install confidence in others and feel a great sense of self-gratitude while participating.

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