Top 5 Funniest Stages Of Winter Break

Ahh, winter break. One of the best parts about being a college student is the month-long break between semesters. You have a few weeks that won’t be filled with homework or studying, and you’ll hopefully return to your hometown to celebrate the holidays, spend time with your family and catch up with old friends from high school. Whether you’re happy to be home or just want to be back on campus, here are the five stages of winter break.

1. Overwhelming joy

Your finals are complete, term papers are turned in, and your bags are packed. Time to go home for a worry-free four weeks.

2. Exhaustion

Ahh…no schedule, no problem. You sleep half the day away and lounge around in your PJs all day.

3. Boredom

After a few days, you start to remember why you went to college far away in the first place.

4. Panic

OMG…I have to go back for another semester? More tests? More stress? UGH.

5. Overwhelming joy

(again!). You remember how much you love school and your friends, and can’t wait to get back to dorm life.

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