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This Woman Was Just Six Weeks Away From Getting Married When She Found Out Her Fiancé Was Her Brother

Wedding Horror Stories: Incest


Getting married is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. I mean, you’re marrying the love of your life! You’re wearing the most expensive dress you’ll ever own! Strangers are giving you a ton of cash just for being in love and you get to dance for five straight hours without anyone questioning if you’re too drunk to do so! It’s literally the best. But all bridezillas know that the smallest of inconveniences can really make a girl freak out on the big day. The music isn’t right, the flowers are a weird color, the officiator is high on meth — there’s always something. But whatever the problem, know this before you freak out: at least you didn’t just find out that you’re marrying your long lost brother.

Just six weeks before her wedding, this woman found out that her fiancé was actually her half-brother. The worst part? He knew it.

In a horrifying story that was posted to Reddit today, a woman described how she was raised by her mother after her dad left, while her fiancé was brought up by his mother and stepdad. While working on wedding invitations, the woman’s future mother-in-law made a seemingly harmless request: to send an invite to her son’s biological father.

When she went on to show the woman a photo of him, the woman found that she was looking at a photo of her own dad.

When she got home to confront him about the realization, she said he was incredibly uncomfortable. Which hey, that’s not exactly abnormal considering the circumstances, but then he dropped a bombshell: he knew their relation to one another for an entire year. YUP. HE KNEW FOR A FREAKIN’ YEAR AND NEVER MENTIONED IT ONCE.

Obviously, she was really upset. “I’m betrayed. I’m disgusted. I’m hurt. I’m ashamed. I’m heartbroken,” she wrote in the post. “I don’t know what to do. I’ve invested so much money into this wedding and much of it is non-refundable. On top of that, I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my family and friends. Worse yet, I love him. I know we can’t be together; but until yesterday, I thought we’d grow old together. What do I do? What the f*ck do I do?”

Despite the serious gross factor to this story, most of the commenters were more pissed about him lying than anything else.

“Here’s the thing… he LIED for a whole YEAR about something really, really important. How can you ever trust him again?” one commenter asked. “He lied by omission for a year. That’s a deal-breaker. As someone who saw red flags but still married the guy, I can say that divorce sucks more than breaking off an engagement does. It’s better to have the ‘divorce’ before the wedding,” another added.

“Your half-brother lied to you about your actual relationship to get you to agree to marry him? I mean, I’ve heard of red flags… but this is a line of red flags running for miles,” another person wrote.

We’re gonna have to agree. Sure, marrying your step-brother might not be the best story to tell to your kids, but him lying about who he was for an entire year is a great reason to not marry someone, even if they’re not your long-lost sibling.

While the writer has yet to make a final decision about her relationship, she did state that she was going to call her biological father to help sort things out. What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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