Here’s How You Can Avoid The Dreaded Wine Hangover, According To Science

We might have just learned that white wine is linked to skin cancer, but nothing can stop us from being with the thing we love most.

Wine has always been there for us. When our boyfriends broke our hearts, when we sobbed through Gilmore Girls and when we needed dates on New Year’s Eve. A bottle of wine is literally the best piece of arm candy you can bring to a party. But while we are incredibly loyal to our one true love, we also can’t deny how painful the next morning can be. A wine hangover is the worst kind of hangover, but thanks to science, that’s about to change.

A new study reports that drinking coffee before you have wine will help you defeat that horrifying next-day hangover.

Before we get to the good news, we’re going to drop some knowledge.

According to Vinepair, there are three major elements to causing the dreaded wine hangover: tannins, sugar and histamines. So WTF does that mean? Well, tannins are the natural compounds found in grapes that also cause dry mouth (and in turn, encourage you to guzzle more wine). Histamines tend to cause headaches after being released in your body post-food and drink consumption.

However, the majority of hangovers happen after you consume alcohol that’s high in sugar because it causes your body to lose a huge amount of your water supply. Obviously this causes you to be dehydrated, which then leads to a pounding headache and a straight 24 hours in bed vowing to never drink again.

But according to Dr. Seymour Diamond, executive chairman of the National Headache Foundation, drinking two cups of coffee before having wine could be the answer to your sorrows. Science says the coffee will constrict your blood vessels, which in turn will seriously reduce awful headaches when you’re drunk (or hungover).

So the moral of the story is, if you’re going to spend tomorrow night nestled up next to three bottles of wine, make sure to drink some coffee first. So much for 2016 being the worst!

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