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Texas A&M Student Asks For Class Notes & Gets The Creepiest Response Ever

Texas A&M Creepy Texts Photos


When you skip a class, it’s in no way weird to ask someone else for the notes. The simple question, “hey! will u send me that pdf for the review?” is pretty straight forward — girl wants the notes so she can do well in the class. That’s it. Done. There’s no ulterior motives or weird “hey! Let’s bang!” subtext, it’s a really simple question. But apparently, not everyone sees it that way.

Texas A&M student Sav Gibson recently asked a male student for class notes and things got really weird, despite the initial request being completely harmless. The first two photos feature the conversation they had when asking for the PDF review, and the last was his response after she posted the hilarious screenshots online. Two words: chill bro.

Check out the full conversation:

Dude… WTF?! Where were you trying to go with this conversation? She just wanted the notes! No one cares that you’re three years older than her, how is that even relevant?!

Clearly he got the wrong idea… even though there was no way in hell he could read into what she was actually saying, because it was all there in front of him already. Gibson posted the screenshots to Twitter on December 12 with the caption “where did i… I’m so confused I hate u boys” attached. The following day she posted the third text with the caption “I’m ded.”

Naturally, the Twitterverse loved it.

Hilarious. Next time someone asks you for notes, just hand them over — spare yourself the humiliation.

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