The 8 Best Christmas Albums To Stream This Holiday Season

It’s almost Christmas! That means this is the one month of the year that it’s actually acceptable for you to sing your holly, jolly Christmas music at the top of your lungs. If you need some extra help getting into the spirit of the season, then there are a few Christmas albums from some of your favorite artists that might help do the trick.

Behold: a list of holiday albums that you absolutely need to listen to starting now.

1. Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey

Because, duh. When Christmas comes around, how could you not listen to the album that gave us one of the most popular Christmas songs ever? MiMi’s  Merry Christmas has proven to be a holiday music staple and has sold over 5.5 million copies in the U.S. alone, on top of being one of the best-selling holiday albums of all time. If it’s not on your holiday playlist, it absolutely should be.

2. Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber

Your favorite teen-heartthrob-turned-badass once came out with a Christmas album that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The Biebs’ first Christmas album (and second studio album) featured collaborations with Boyz II Men, Busta Rhymes and even a duet with the queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey.

3. Christmas Interpretations, Boyz II Men

Speaking of Boyz II Men, the ’90s boy band, aka kings of emotional ballads, also have a holiday album of their own featuring “Let It Snow,” the soulful Christmas tune that will never get old. But aside from that, most of the songs on the album are covers though that shouldn’t stop you from adding this to your holiday playlist, as those covers are pretty damn good.

4. Christmas, Michael Buble

If you’re in the mood to listen to some Christmas music that’s chill AF, you turn to Michael Buble. The Canadian singer’s 2011 Christmas album topped the Billboard 200 sales chart shortly after its release in the U.S. and is considered one of the most listened to holiday albums of all time.

5. That’s Christmas to Me, Pentatonix

No one really does Christmas better than Pentatonix. Their first holiday album to follow their Sing-Off win, PTXMas, was the sixth highest-selling Christmas album of 2013. And, after going platinum, That’s Christmas to Me became the highest-charting holiday album by a group since 1962. So, once you’re done listening to that, you can throw on the group’s newly-released follow-up, A Pentatonix Christmas. Judging by the their track record, it’s sure to be a top seller.

6. 8 Days of Christmas, Destiny’s Child

“Doesn’t it feel like Christmas?” If it doesn’t feel like the holiday season right now, it will when you add Destiny’s Child’s collection of sassy Christmas songs to your playlist.

7. Home for Christmas, *NSYNC

This is probably the album that solidified your belief that all boy bands should be required to record a holiday album at least once.

8. The Christmas Album, Jackson 5

As the Christmas album that tops all Christmas albums, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t already be listening to this entire thing right now.

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