Your Facebook Messenger Is About To Get Super High-Tech With This Awesome New Update

Your group chats are about to get wild, thanks to Facebook Messenger. A week after releasing a new, Snapchat-style camera feature, the popular app just unveiled a new update that will allow users to video chat with up to 50 different people. The new feature will reportedly be available globally on both iOS and Android, and will start making its debut on Monday. For anyone who doesn’t want to venture to the library for a group study session in this horrendously cold weather, this is the¬†perfect¬†way to understand everything you need to know on an upcoming exam without being forced to leave the comfort of your own bed.

So how TF will this work? According to the Verge, the app will stream the first six participants’ camera feeds in a grid-like view as seen below. If more than six users are on the group video chat, Messenger will only display the dominant speaker’s feed but others can join in via voice and stickers. It actually looks pretty sweet. Check it out:

Facebook Messenger Group Chat


Starting Monday, a little video icon will appear at the top right corner of group conversations on Messenger. If you want to start a group video chat, just tap on the button and get it started. Fellow group members will be alerted that you want to start a group video chat and will be given the choice to join or ignore the request.

Sounds pretty great to us! Get more info on the upcoming update below. Happy chatting!

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