The Official Ranking Of Every Christmas Episode On ‘Friends’

Being a ’90s baby is basically synonymous with being a fan of Friends, especially since Netflix started streaming all ten seasons. The characters are hilarious and relatable and are living out our dream of hanging out with our friends in a massive rent-controlled NYC loft. Ok, maybe that part isn’t so realistic, but we’ll let it go for the sake of the show.

Friends had a lot of traditions throughout the ten years it was on air, including an always-frantic Thanksgiving episode that ends with Monica’s crazy vein popping out. But our favorite tradition was the yearly holiday episodes. From the Holiday Armadillo to Phoebe’s ‘AZ’, we’re pretty much obsessed with spending our holidays with Friends.

Check out our official ranking of all the holiday episodes below:

9. Season 4: The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie

While this episode actually isn’t that bad, it’s is at the bottom of the list due to it’s almost complete lack of a holiday-based plot line.

8. Season 5: The One with the Inappropriate Sister

Not only does this episode barely acknowledge the holidays, watching the weird brother-sister relationship between Rachel’s boyfriend and his sister play out is more uncomfortable than it is funny.

7. Season 9: The One with Christmas in Tulsa

This episode is definitely more sad than it is funny, especially since Chandler is stuck in Oklahoma with his inappropriate female coworker while Monica wonders if the two are having an affair. Not as funny as we’re used to.

6. Season 3: The One Where Rachel Quits

While Rachel quits her unsatisfying job at Central Perk, Monica and Joey save Christmas when they buy all the dead trees that were headed for the wood chipper, much to nature-loving Phoebe’s delight.

5. Season 1: The One with the Monkey

This episode is more about the gang and their depressing love lives at New Year’s than it is about fun holiday festivities, but Ross’ adorable-and restless-monkey Marcel brings in the bonus points.

4. Season 2: The One with Phoebe’s Dad

Despite being the slightly-depressing plot line revolving around Phoebe’s search for her absentee father, we love how all the friends are there to support her along the way.

3. Season 6: The One with the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

Honestly, Monica and Ross slayed our lives with their middle school dance moves. The brother-sister duo bring this episode into the top three of our countdown.

2. Season 8: The One with the Creepy Holiday Card

Not only is Rachel a hilarious pregnant woman, but flustered and emotionally-stunted Ross really brings in the laughs.

1. Season 7: The Holiday Armadillo

Watching Ross and the gang try to teach Ross’ son about Hanukkah is as heartwarming as it is hilarious.

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