If For Some Reason You Can’t Finish A Bottle Of Wine In One Sitting, Wine Condoms Are Here To Help

Just when you thought 2016 would forever go down in history as the worst f*cking year ever, we wake up to this beautiful piece of news. BEHOLD! The wine condom. Although it won’t prevent you from getting pregnant, it will, however, keep your wine from spoiling. Both are equally important, TBH.

This handy little tool was created by Mitchell Strahan (not to be confused with Michael Strahan) after he saw his mother use aluminum foil to preserve an unfinished bottle of wine. Gasp! Wine stoppers often make a bottle too tall to store and reusing the cork doesn’t always seal it properly. In other words, this man is a freakin’ genius.

Like a regular condom, the Wine Condom stretches over the stem of the bottle and rolls down the shaft(?), making sure that it’s tight so there’s no ehem, spillage.

You can order a box on Amazon for less than $14, just in time for the holidays! Imagine the look on your grandma’s face? #WorthIt

The gold wrapper is scarily similar to a regular condom, though, so just make sure you don’t confuse the two. 😉 Bottoms up!…uhh, I’ll let you interpret that however you want.


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