6 Pop Culture Happenings That We Are Praying Stay In 2016

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Let’s face it. Despite Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar and This Is Us becoming our new obsession, most of the things that had people talking in 2016 made us want to throw our computers out a seven-story window onto the busy streets of midtown Manhattan.

There are plenty of reasons to be happy that 2016 is finally ending, but ringing in the new year doesn’t necessarily mean that all the dumb crap of 2016 is wiped clean. There’s no doubt we’ll still be talking about the biggest celebs and strangest headlines for months to come, but here are some subjects we are crossing our fingers fizzle out like a sparkler after midnight in 2017.

1. Nick Viall’s Use of the Term “Make Love”

Choosing Nick as the leading man on the next installment of The Bachelor isn’t as shocking as the fact that he’s likely the last man under age 40 to use the term “make love” in a non-joking manner. We get it – saying “have sex” on television is not ideal, but do you even need to say it? We all know it’s going on when those duos hit the Fantasy Suite anyway. Let’s hope that Nick ditches this cringe-worthy phrase in 2017.

2. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Drama

It seems like this D-list couple has dominated headlines in 2016, from starring in a new reality show to having a baby to their constant fights (that are perfectly documented on Snapchat). Nobody even knows if they’re together or not anymore…and frankly, we doubt anybody truly cares at this point.

3. Harambe

Put your dongs and tits away, people – this gorilla died in May and he’s not coming back. Seriously, at this point the least attractive thing a guy can do is wear an “R.I.P. Harambe” t-shirt. Animal lives matter…but it’s time to move on, peeps.

But this is only half the pop culture happenings we are so sick of. To find out three more topics we never want to talk about again, check out Candy Dish below – it’s the new podcast from College Candy! (And yes, even though we sound like we could talk forever about all of these topics, we are so over it.)

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